Ok so here’s how the “Bet This Is Original” Reviews scoring system works. I’m just giving a rough overview of the ten point scoring system that we use here, so use your own initiative to adapt it to your specific circumstances or review. If you really can’t figure it out, drop me a line and I’ll try help you out.

1 or 2 – This sucked. If it was a movie, it was terrible. If it was a DVD or CD and you own a copy, you should be ashamed of yourself.

3 or 4 – This still sucked, but not as badly as 1 or 2 point products. Probably had a few points which redeemed it ever so slightly.

5 or 6 – Average. Equal number of good or bad points, or just wasn’t all particularly good or bad.

7 or 8 – Very good. You can feel good going to see this movie, or buying the DVD or CD.

9 – Excellent. Very highly rated, at least by me personally. If we’re talking about a CD, you probably won’t be able to find it in most shops. Quite a rare rating.

10 – The ultimate. What most things wish they could get. If you own this CD/DVD or book, I salute you and you probably have excellent taste. Obviously even more rare than a 9 rating, and if anything gets a 10 you should immediately go out and watch / read / buy / rent it.

Ok so that’s the basic ratings. However, keep in mind that those are just my opinions of things, and you will probably disagree with me on many points. Therefore, I urge you to go and watch / read / buy / rent / borrow the things anyway, because who knows, you may love something that I hated, or you may hate something that I loved.


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