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5 03 2008


7 09 2008


This is hardly a review. How can I review my own book, especially when it hasn’t yet reached publication? That won’t be until late November/early December. However, I had to write because I found you via my own blog which attracts traffic via the Google search engines and I hardly ever ignore a live link. It appears that we share a similar word or phrase acting as tags or key words.

Talk about a chicken and egg situation or putting the cart before the horse. Naturally, I don’t expect you to do a review of something that you haven’t yet read. Also I’m from the UK, although my co-author is a South African so I’m hoping that will help to grab your interest.

I don’t need to explain anything about the promotion of our novel if you take a few moments and go to The Meadow home page and find the blogs that are promoting “The Meadow”.

At least this is a little different to what you normally find on the blogging scene. I take full advantage of the modules that Squidoo offer in their lenses which uses Google to attract ‘information’ by way of other people’s blogs. What a great tool this is.

My blogs are fairly new and I’m just in the throws of trying to attract interest. It may sound conceited of me when I say that this book is going to be big. Regardless, I and my co-author need to market the novel and bring it into public awareness. That’s not easy but once someone like you has gained an interest, it becomes easy as the momentum gathers.

I hope I’ve said enough to tice you into the Home Page. Just click on the link above and see what is in store for a novel consisting of more than 500 pages. You will discover the rest when you look in. If not, well at least I’ve accepted your invitation to leave something appropriate.

Thanks for reading this.

Mike O’Hare

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