Surviving Evil

11 07 2009

Surviving Evil Movie PosterRelease: Friday 10 July 2009
Running Time: 86 minutes
Age Restriction: 16 (Language, Violence)
Website: IMDB

Surviving Evil is a rather odd movie. It’s short, features a strange mix of South African and Hollywood stars, and isn’t very long. It also isn’t the greatest movie in the world, but more on that later.

Ok, so the premise is this: Seb Beazley (Billy Zane) is a type of Bear Grylls survival expert, who hosts a survival show on various inhospitable places. However, while filming on a particular Philippino island, the supposedly mythical Aswang awaken and begin to hunt the party.

So the storyline is a little thin. Come on, were you really expecting much better from a horror movie? Last I checked they weren’t exactly the best written scripts in the world. So if you can get over the relatively weak plot, you can truly appreciate the mediocrity of the rest of the movie. That being said, there was a distinct lack of cheese present in Surviving Evil; something that is not true for a lot of other recent horror movies. Plot holes are also kept to a minimum, so I suppose the script isn’t that bad after all.

The acting, if I were to describe it in one word, would be overdone. Grossly exaggerated, weak and over the top in places, it is not a total failure. It’s just the actual reactions to the monsters that left a lot to be desired. Relationships between the crew were merely hinted at, and underdeveloped, leaving me wondering more about this ill-fated TV crew. Why, for example, does the director have a drinking problem? Why is Chill Reyes (Natalie Mendoza) even doing on this expedition? We never find out.

Otherwise, Surviving Evil is a decent movie. It was a little annoying at the constant flashes of the Aswang that are interspersed literally throughout the entire movie, as if hinting at some terror still to come, and the monsters themselves seemed a little too weak to be truly terrifying: I mean I want my movie monsters to be all-powerful and utterly terrifying, not human enough to be killed by a homemade bow and arrow. That being said, they still manage to kill 80% of the film crew (come on, it’s a horror movie, you knew it was going to happen), which is a plus.

Flaws aside, I think Surviving Evil is still a fairly decent movie. As I’ve said, it’s probably not going to win any awards or anything, but it’s good to see local (South African) cinema advancing. Go see it, get a good laugh (and maybe a fright) or two, and see what you think.

In conclusion, I give Surviving Evil a 5/10.




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26 08 2012

Can you tell me about 2 other movies that are allmost the same movie?

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