Twilight (Book)

23 02 2009

The cover for the book Twilight

The cover for the book Twilight

Author: Stephanie Meyer

Pages: 434 pages

Published: 2005

ISBN: 9781904233657

“I’d never given much thought to how I would Die- “

Twilight by Stephanie Meyer is the first in a four book series following the trials of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.  Edward seems like your average 17 year old teenager, but when he takes a liking to Isabella Swan the truth behind the Cullen family is revealed.

Isabella Swan, the protagonist and narrator, moves to the dingy, rainy town of Forks, Washington a very different experience from sunny upbeat Phoenix, Arizona.  Bella moves in with her dull father, Charlie Swan, so her newly married mother can travel with her new husband.  If making new friends wasn’t bad enough Bella has the rain and misty weather of Forks to deal with.

Bella creates quiet a stir in the little town, having some guys clamouring for her attention, but when she sees the Cullen family in the cafeteria one day her life turns upside down.  She is instantly intrigued by the mysterious Edward Cullen, a stunningly attractive, almost inhumanly beautiful boy who is an outsider too: although Edward and his family have lived in Forks for two years they have never really been accepted.

On a trip to the beach, Bella learns of the local legend of what the locals call “The Cold Ones”, a group of blood drinkers who have sworn off hunting humans but are still not welcome on Native American land.  Realising Edward is vampire changes nothing; it only increases Bella’s desire for him, and leads to more adventure in the novel.

Edward and his whole family are vampires, trained for years to not drink the blood of humans, a kind of vampire vegetarian, only drinking the blood of animals for substance.  Edward himself was made a vampire when he was seventeen years old, although that was at the end of World War I.  For Edward his love for Bella is both a delight and a torment as the very scent of her also stirs his hunger for blood…

This extreme novel written with somewhat sickly sentiment does have even the most unconvinced of readers turning to reveal the story.  Described by Stephanie Meyer  as “suspense romance horror comedy but romance more than anything else”, this was not my kind of book. Swooning teenagers and fast-running vampires seem a tiny bit far-fetched for such a small town of Forks.

Twilight as a series that has generated more hype than the Harry Potter series has teenagers swooning over Edward Cullen.  Recently made into a big screen spectacular that has teenagers queuing at book stores for their piece of this vampire pie… any criticisms I may have are silenced when any book gets teenagers interested more in books than hair products.

I won’t give this one a rating it’s a world wide sensation on its own.




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