One Missed Call

30 04 2008

One Missed Call Poster

Theatrical Release: 14 March 2008

Running Time: 87 Minutes

Websites: Official Website, IMDB Page, Wikipedia Article

One Missed Call is another one of those movies that is an American remake of a popular Japanese horror movie. Other such movies which have done the same thing are some famous ones like The Grudge and The Ring. However, unlike those movies, this one is actually good.

Like most movies of these types, the plot is strongly driven by a creepy, supernatural occurrence that slowly kills the characters off one by one. In this case, the deaths occur as a result of a mysterious call, that occurs after a strange and creepy ringtone plays from a phone. Once this call has finished, a voicemail is left, dated with a future date, and it contains the audio recording of the final moments of the character’s life.

When her friends start dying after receiving these phone calls, Bethany (Shannyn Sossamon) must race against time with Detective Jack Andrews (Edward Burns) to figure out the mysterious calls and how they can save Beth’s life.

I am at a loss for what to call this movie. I mean, what genre does it fit into? I am tempted to say Horror, but to me, that implies monsters trying to kill people. I suppose it fits into the genre, but it is not as over the top as most horror movies are, such as Friday the 13th or The Descent. I suppose the best way to describe it would be “Supernatural horror”.

Anyway, this film is truly disturbing. When I watched it, I was genuinely freaked out afterwards – and that was with all the lights on! This effect is accomplished by the use of genuinely disturbing, recurring imagery that is present throughout the entire film, such as the characters who are about to die seeing people with no eyes, burning people and truly disgusting worms crawling everywhere. Another recurring element is a sharp intake of breath, which again is present at every death. All these elements, together with the usual “buildup-shock” moments which are present in all horror movies, make this movie really creepy, and this is One Missed Call’s main attraction.

The plot, as I mentioned, is nothing special and could be out of any supernatural horror movie. The character development is also quite weak, which is a shame, as these types of movies are driven by strong characters. That said, the main characters of Beth and Detective Jack are not unlikeable characters, and they serve their purpose of carrying the plot forward, even though we as the audience do not care too much about them.

Overall I really enjoyed this film, and have no problem in recommending it to anybody who is a fan of supernatural horror movies, or who is just in the mood for being scared / creeped out. With this in mind, I give this film 4 stars out of five ****/*****, and a recommendation to watch it with somebody if you are a bit squeamish. For the daring of you out there, I dare you to watch it in the middle of the night with all the lights off…




5 responses

21 10 2008

hey i love your movie… it is freaky… lol….. my number is 0000000000000000000… lol

21 10 2008

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21 10 2008

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21 10 2008

that movie is awesome …. that baby is freaky i sceamed my head off ….. o lord im scared i got too check my phone i have one missed call…….

love jada

21 10 2008

i love it it was fucking alsome

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