Rush Hour 3

18 04 2008

Rush Hour 3 Poster

Theatrical Release Date: 9 August 2007

Running Time: 91 Minutes

Websites: Official Website, Wikipedia Article, IMDB Page

Rush Hour 3 is the latest in a long line of sub-par “buddy cop” comedy-action movies. These movies, which are generally terrible, include Shanghai Noon and the sequel, Shanghai Knights; National Security; Blue Streak; the dreadful I Spy and the Bad Boy movies.

Typical features of such movies include action stunts, elaborate fight sequences, with unusual props being used in these scenes, predictable comedic situations and punchlines and outright slapstick. Rush Hour 3 has most of these, with Chris Tucker providing the slapstick and stupid jokes, and Jackie Chan providing the action stunts and the fight sequences.

The paper thin story holding all the above mentioned devices and carrying the film along from one punchline to the next, goes something like this: After Lee’s (Jackie Chan) ambassador friend gets injured by a mysterious assassin while giving a speech about the Chinese mafia, Lee and James Carter (Chris Tucker), have to team up and travel to France to track down the assassin. Cue lots of toiler humour, ridiculous situations, crazy stunts, and terrible jokes from Tucker’s character.

One of the worst scenes in this movie occurred somewhere in the middle, when Carter had just defeated a group of villains in a fight. He breaks into this terrible dance and starts singing “Everybody was kung-fu fighting”, in his high pitched, grating voice. I was cringing when I saw it and wishing it were over. Unfortunately, it didn’t end there, and the rest of the movie just kept up that sort of standard.

The only good thing that I can say about this movie is that Chan’s fight and stunt sequences are very well done. That, however, is not a good enough reason to watch this rubbish excuse for a comedy movie. It is this sole reason, however, that this movie manages to salvage a one star (*) rating, out of five.

Don’t watch this. Don’t buy this on DVD. Don’t rent it on DVD. If you see somebody buying it, punch them in the face. If your friend wants to watch it, punch them in the face and disown them as your friend. Seriously though, if you support this dreck in any way, you will just encourage them to make another sequel, which is already rumoured to be in the works… 😦




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22 04 2008

Is it just me or is rush hour becoming like lethal weapon???

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