7 03 2008

Jumper Poster

Release Date: February 14, 2008

Running Tine: 88 Minutes

Websites: Official Website, Wikipedia Article, IMDB Page

Jumper tells the story of a young man named David (Played as a teenager by Max Thieriot) with the amazing ability to “jump” – that is to say, teleport – anywhere in the world, instantly. He discovers that he has this amazing power quite accidentally one day: as a teenager, he fell through ice to his almost certain death in the freezing cold river, until he miraculously found himself in the middle of his local library. Scared and confused, he tries to do it again, and it works. Using his new found power, he leaves his abusive father, his small hometown and his childhood crush behind, taking a bus to New York, where he plans to start his new life.

After practicing his new power and learning more or less how to use it, he uses it to become rich, most notably by teleporting into a secure bank vault, and cleaning it out. The police, of course, are baffled, as there are no signs of any forced entry.

The movie then cuts forward a few years, to an adult David (played by Hayden Christensen), who has obviously been living the good life: he has an penthouse apartment in New York, filled with gadgets, money and expensive decorations. Also, the walls are covered by photographs, which allow David to jump to each of those locations. However, one day, a Paladin, Roland (Samuel L. Jackson) arrives and tries to kill David with all sorts of high-tech equipment, explaining that only God should have the power to be everywhere at once.

David, however, manages to escape Roland, and then reunites with his childhood crush Millie (Rachel Bilson). He uses his considerable wealth to take her to Rome on holiday, where he meets another Jumper; Griffin (Jamie Bell), who has sworn to hunt down and kill every Paladin.

So that’s the basic (well, rather more than basic) outline of the story of Jumper. Actually one of the better scripts in recent movies, in my opinion. The dialog isn’t cheesy, which seems to happen so often these day, with lame one liners that make you roll your eyes shoved inappropriately in. No, the script definitely doesn’t let this movie down.

Let’s talk about the special effects in the movie. If I had to describe them in one word, I’d say “brilliant”. For example, in the one scene, David manages to jump a whole room; and the visual of this happening was amazing. There were other examples as well, but those aren’t really spectacular special effects per se, but just used really well. Like when two Jumpers are fighting, they fight literally all over the world, rapidly Jumping away and towards each other, throwing punches, and even Jumping cars and buses at each other! Ok so it doesn’t sound all that exciting, but translated on screen it really gets the adrenalin pumping. Another brilliant scene has Griffin stealing a car and driving it high speed through the streets of Japan, with the aid of his Jumping ability of course.

The locations used in Jumper really give it an epic feeling; as David can jump anywhere in the world, we are treated to shots of London at nighttime (from Big Ben where David has jumped to), Tokyo, Egypt, New York, the Grand Canyon, The Coliseum at Rome and the Golden Gate Bridge at San Fransisco, where the aforementioned fight scene takes place.

Here’s a fun fact: Eminem was originally considered for the role of David. Hayden Christensen, however, managed to get the part at the last minute. However, I hate to say it, but his portrayal of David just seemed a little bit flat to me. Maybe the character was just very bland and non-expressive, in which case Christensen has pulled it off wonderfully. Samuel L. Jackson’s portrayal of the bad-ass Roland was excellent: he brought just enough craziness to translate the religious zealotry that was apparent in the character.

Um, what else do I need to talk about? Oh yes, this movie was apparently based on a trilogy of books, and I have heard rumours that they have already green-lighted the next movie, which will presumably be based on the second novel, which is called Reflex. From what I’ve heard however, the movie varies quite considerably from the novel from which it takes it’s title, changing the main character’s personality totally on his head and (from what I can tell) totally inventing the whole “Paladin thing”.

Ok I’ve blathered on enough I think. Time to get to the part that you really want: the score. Overall I’d have to say that Jumper earns a solid **** (Four Stars) out of ***** (Five Stars). I can’t say exactly what it was that let it down for that extra, final star, but it simply wasn’t worthy of 5 stars. However, **** (Four Stars) stars is still an excellent score, and I recommend that you watch it if you have the chance.




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16 03 2008
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7 04 2008

Hey, so when you going to erview the new guitar hero you got?

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