Seether – Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces

18 12 2007

Find Beauty in Negative Spaces CD Cover

Release Date: October 19, 2007 (South Africa). October 23, 2007 (Worldwide)

Number of Track: 12

CD Length: 49:26

External Links: Wikipedia Article, Fake It Video, Fake It Video (YouTube)

Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces is the name of Seether’s third studio album, after the highly successful Karma & Effect and Disclaimer (II). The main thing that I found strange about this album was how little hype it received. Before I got my hands on it, I had no idea that Seether was even recording a new album, let alone that it was released months ago. One would think that South Africa’s biggest, most popular band would receive at least SOME media in their birth country, but apparently not, not even before Christmas.

A few possible reasons for this may become apparent after listening to the album. Or they may not. For me, Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces had a lot more swearing in it, and while normally I don’t have an issue, it just seemed out of place on this album. The themes of the individual songs all seem to be about the same basic thing: Angst. Most of them revolve around women (or a woman); at least, as far as I can tell. Not that that is a bad thing, it just starts to wear a bit thin towards the end of the album.

Track 1 – Like Suicide: The opening track of Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces is typical Seether fair. A catchy chorus, especially the lyrics, with some screaming thrown in by lead singer and band front man Shaun Morgan Welgemoed. It seems to me that the screaming guitars present in earlier songs like Gasoline have been taken out, or toned down at the least. Not a bad opening track, smooth production values make it shine.

Track 2 – Fake It: The first single from the album, Fake It is understandably one of the best songs on the CD. The drum beat maintains a consistency throughout the whole song, which holds the track together nicely. There is also a contrast between the verses and the chorus which adds an interesting dimension to this song. The guitars in this song also deserve special mention, as the riffs are catchy and the guitar solo is the perfect hook, although that could be due to the liberal application of the pedal board.

Track 3 – Breakdown: This is on the of the softer songs on the album, although that is not saying much, as Seether does not exactly go soft. What I mean is that it has a more power ballad feel to it than any other song on the album. Another good track, Breakdown is a strong contender for the second single off the album, at least in my opinion.

Track 4 – FMLYHM (F**k Me Like You Hate Me): Ahem, if you are squeamish, you may choose to avoid this song. With a swear word in the title (albeit in acronym form), you can expect deep issues and so called “angry music” in this track. And FMLYHM does not disappoint. The chorus is sung with such emotion … I really like how Morgan’s voice sounds, especially as he says the “F**k” part. If it were not for the obvious reason, this would probably be the second single off the album.

Track 5 – Fallen: The main thing that Fallen has going for it is the guitar. It features such a catchy hook, which is seemingly the way that every other song released nowadays is going. Strangely, Fallen’s lyrics seem to be about plastic surgery, although I’m sure it is just a metaphor for the shallowness of society in general. For me, the guitar and the lyrics make this track stand out. Don’t quote me on this, but this track has the potential to be the third single, I think.

Track 6 – Rise Above This: The first thing I noticed on this track was how much the guitars, and indeed the whole song, sound like Mae’s latest album, Singularity. That is a good thing, by the way, at least in my opinion. Another track with a catchy chorus that is sure to suck you into the song.

Track 7 – No Jesus Christ: In contrast to Rise Above This, which was all floaty and happy, the slightly dodgy titled No Jesus Christ is dark and brooding. It features screaming guitars and introspective lyrics, until the chorus kicks in, when the screaming and growling kick in. At least, as much screaming and growling as a “mainstream” band can get away with anyway. The bridge is another high point on this song. Very catchy in places.

Track 8 – 6 Gun Quota: Another change of tone, 6 Gun Quota is more upbeat again than the previous track. Very captivating guitar riffs, and the chorus will stick in your head for hours after listening to this track. Another hit for this CD, in my opinion.

Track 9 – Walk Away From The Sun: While not a terrible track, Walk Away From The Sun, is far from the best track on this album. It is a lot softer than anything prior to it on the album, and in my opinion it feels out of place. That being said, however, it is not a bad song, and is a bit of a breath of fresh air, although it does feel like a bit of a fluff song, put in to fill up space on the disc.

Track 10 – Eyes of the Devil: This is my personal worst song on the album. Something about it just doesn’t catch me like the rest of the album does. Maybe its just me, but it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the album somehow. It’s hard to explain, but it sounds too emo to fit in. And ha ha ha I do see the irony in that last statement.

Track 11 – Don’t Believe: The guitar on this track sounds a lot like Billy Talent, strangely enough. Well, up to a point anyway, when the actual song kicks in. Just like the Eyes of the Devil, this track does very little for me. All in all, this track just doesn’t hang well together. At least, that is what it sounds like to me. Definitely one of the weaker tracks on the album.

Track 12 – Waste: The final track on the album, Waste, is marginally better than the previous two tracks, but not by much. There is nothing really amazing to talk about, and all in all it is a very mediocre track to end the album on. It’s weird how the last three tracks are sub-standard, as the rest of the album was excellent.

So, there is Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces laid out bare for your reading pleasure. My overall impression of the album is quite positive, but I would have been more impressed if it didn’t meander off into suckage towards the end of the disc, especially the last three songs, which is a great pity. Still, I really liked this album, and, as I mentioned earlier, I was actually surprised to hear that Seether had released a new album. This surprise was enhanced by the fact that I actually liked it.

Ok I’m going to try something new in this review: A rating scale. This is still in beta form and I may decide to not even use it in the end, so give me feedback on it and tell me what you think. For this review, I will use a five point scale, with not halves or decimal points. It goes something like this:

1 Star * – This album sucked. If you have it in your CD collection, you should be ashamed of yourself, at least in my opinion.

2 Star ** – This album sucked as well, but it had some good points to it that redeemed it a little bit, if only a little.

3 Star *** – This album was so average. It had an equal number of bad and good points, or just wasn’t that outstanding or terrible. My suggestion is to pirate it. Ha ha ha.

4 Star **** – This album was good. You can be proud to own this album. Still not worth going out to buy specially, but if you are looking to buy a CD and can’t find anything else that you really want, a 4 Star CD will serve you well.

5 Star ***** – The ultimate album. If you have this, I salute you and you probably have excellent taste in music. Well worth shelling your hard earned money out for, but the irony is that you probably won’t be able to find it anywhere to buy it. As you can imagine, this rating is pretty rare.

Ok, so here’s the rating and reasoning for Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. I think it’s worth **** (Four Star) because I enjoyed the first 75% of the album, and the last 25%, while not up to the standard of the rest of the album, was still not terrible that I had to gouge my eardrums out my head for. So, if you have nothing better to buy, you can do a lot worse than Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces. However, I still believe that, even with a * (One Star) album, you should still see if you can listen to it, as you might like it.




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