The Last Mimzy

30 10 2007

The Last Mimzy Poster

Based on the apparently acclaimed short story, Mimsy Were the Borogoves, The Last Mimzy follows two children who stumble upon a box full of strange toys while on vacation. Sensing there is something strange about the toys, the children keep the toys a secret from their parents. Not long after finding the toys, which include a strange stuffed animal which can communicate, the children start developing strange preternatural powers, such as telepathy, teleportation and levitation. However, when two of the toys form a new, strange toy that blacks out a large part of the state the children live in, the FBI get involved.

The story in The Last Mimzy is well written, with time travel playing an important part of the story. Incidentally, don’t worry, it’s not one of those complex time travel stories that leaves your brain spinning, contemplating the consequences and possible events that might have happened. Instead, it is presented in a more simplistic manner, told in a flashback.

Mankind of the future is flourishing and prosperous, in tune with nature and as healthy as we have ever been. We have psycho-kinetic powers, such as telepathy, and the earth seems a lot healthier than at present. However, the story being told does not present such a happy view. Instead, the story begins in a darker time. Mankind is sick and is slowly dying, due to the ecological repercussions of decades of pollution. Our DNA has been weakened to the point that we require special suits to go into the sunlight and air. A scientist is working with time travel, trying to find a solution. For one reason or another, a human cannot be sent through time, but he makes a plan…

Without spoiling the plot any further, The Last Mimzy is quite a decent movie. I don’t claim to be any expert on science or the supposed spiritualist aspects of the movie, but the movie’s depiction of the supposed connection between the futuristic technology and ancient old mandalas just didn’t have the desired effect on me. For some reason I just didn’t buy it, and I find I struggle to explain why exactly I’m even mentioning it, but there you go. You see, what happens is that Noah, one of the children, starts playing with the “toys”, and then gains superior intellect and begins drawing picture perfect images of 1000 year old mandalas.

Towards the end of the film, one might start to wonder if there is a point to the whole story, I know I certainly did, but in the final minutes, or a while before that, it all becomes clears, and a startling revelation hits you like a blinding explosion of light. I won’t spoil it for obvious reasons but it all ties up quite nicely. Speaking of endings, the movie has rather a happy ending, which has a feel good aspect to it that so many modern movies are lacking.

All in all, a rather good movie which has a few flaws. However, these flaws are not major enough to warrant giving this movie as miss. If you’re at your local DVD shop and can’t seem to find a decent movie to watch, I recommend watching this. You probably won’t be disappointed. Or maybe you will. Either way, you will have killed 90 minutes of your time.




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5 11 2007

Don’t you want to put the release dates or something in the review, so that we can know how old/ new the movie is? Oh and There’s a spelling mistake near the start of this review… Really good review though, and your addition of pictures is a nice touch.

6 11 2007

something strange about the toys, they children keep

6 11 2007

Duly noted and corrected. Thank you, Anonymous, for pointing that out.

20 11 2007

Btw, I made the above two comments. Sorry for not putting my name last time, I was using my phone and somehow it messed up.

24 11 2008
aLexia kEith

niCe rEviEws aBouT “tHe lAst miMzY”…
wiSh tHerE iS a pArt 2 bEcaUse wE jUst wAthcEd tHe mOviE lAst lAst wEek iN sChooL dUrinG oUr eNgliSh cLass…

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