John Tucker Must Die

30 10 2007

John Tucker Must Die Movie PosterJohn Tucker Must Die, at first glance, seems to be your average teen comedy movie, in the same vein as Not Another Teen Movie or any of the movies that Not Another Teen Movie parodied. And, to be honest, it essentially is just that. However, as far as teen high school comedies go, this one is pretty good.

The plot is actually quite original: It concerns the titular John Tucker (Played by Jesse Metcalfe), the popular captain of the basketball team, who always has a date, just with a different girl each night. And therein lies the crux of the problem. When three of his girlfriends find out that he has been seeing all three simultaneously, they start fighting amongst each other, and it is only when new girl Kate (Brittany Snow) intervenes that they realise that they have a common enemy: John Tucker. All this is established in the first 20 minutes, which sets up the rest of the movie for a series of misadventures as the girls try to get even with the womanising John Tucker.

To accomplish this, they make over Kate to be popular, and thus attract John Tucker to her. According to their plan, she will then dump him right on his birthday, thus breaking his heart and publicly humiliate him with a taste of his own medicine. However, along the way, something goes horribly wrong, John Tucker actually falls for Kate, and she for him, causing complications…

There was nothing truly terrible about this movie, no major plot holes to speak of, and there was some scenes that were actually pretty damn funny, like when John Tucker gets caught wearing a thong in front of the whole school (long story, but you’ll have to watch it yourself to see how and why). The writing is solid and the acting is pretty good too, and aside from some cliché characters and scenes, John Tucker Must Die is a solid movie, as long as you’re not expecting too much. In the end, its a teen comedy, and should be viewed with expectations to match.




One response

20 11 2007

This movie wasn’t that great at all. Sure it had a good story that made people feel good, but I just felt that the humour used in the film wasn’t funny enough. The actor that played John Tucker was a real let down, there were scenes like when he was drugged (in the basketball match scene), where he just wasn’t convincing enough… The movie hinted at being like soo many movies, but its almost as if the writer knew this and restricted the likeness by basically toning down the movie and watering the story down in parts where a resemblance with another movie can be seen leaving the film with just a shell of a teen comedy, leaving no rich filling that would make the movie stand out. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but this movie wasn’t that much of a comedy, but more like a teen drama with comedy undertones. I agree with you though when you say that you should adjust your expectations when watching the film in order to really enjoy it. It helps to just let yourself go with the flow of the movie, instead of just comparing and analysing it. Good review, I think it covered the movie quite nicely and prepared the readers expectations of the film.

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