Stranger Than Fiction

24 10 2007

Stranger Than Fiction Poster

Stranger Than Fiction is an unusual film. At times, it doesn’t seem to know exactly what genre it fits into, sometimes resembling more a comedy than anything, other times the genre “Drama” seems to fit the movie perfectly, and then the very next scene would not be out of place in a Romance movie. Generally though, and overall I think that “Comedy-Drama” would best classify this movie.

The movies follows the life of Harold Crick (Will Ferrell), a dull IRS agent with essentially no personality. He spends his days at work at the IRS office, and when he is not working, he is compulsively counting almost everything, from the number of brush strokes he uses when brushing his teeth, to the number of steps he takes on his way to the bus each morning. However, one morning he wakes up to a strange phenomenon: a woman’s voice is narrating whatever he does, knowing things that a normal person could not possibly know.

Harold really becomes worried, however, when the voice announces his “imminent death”. Now Harold must race against time to try find the source of this mysterious voice and possibly to save his own life.

I was generally quite impressed with Stranger Than Fiction. Some scenes are genuinely funny, such as when Harold is trying to establish whether his life is being narrated from a comedy or a drama point of view. Will Ferrell seems suited to his role as the obsessive Harold Crick, which seems strange when one remembers his previous roles as Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, and Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights. Both these characters are flamboyant, over the top characters; essentially the exact opposite of Harold Crick. However, as I mentioned earlier, Mr. Ferrell takes to this role like a duck to water, and pulls off a believable, generally likable character.

The script is well written, and as mentioned, by the end of the movie, one starts to truly care about Mr. Crick and what his ultimate fate will be. Although the ending of the movie is fairly predictable, the journey to get there that most of the characters take is the reason to watch this movie.

Ultimately, this movie is fairly formulaic, with a fairly clichéd ending that may disappoint some viewers. However, fans of Will Ferrell will most likely be delighted at this change of pace and the departure from his usual grade of movie. If he had not been in this movie, I think that it would not have been as good as it is, as the character of Harold Crick just seems so suited to Will Ferrell.




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19 11 2007

Excellent movie, read your review b4 watching it and it actually made the movie more enjoyable 😛 Keep up the good work.

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