23 10 2007
Mindhunters Movie Poster

Mindhunters Movie Poster

In the movie genre of the so called “psychological thriller”, I see movies divided into two different categories, those that suck and those that don’t. Mindhunters, with it’s case of relatively unknown actors, is in the latter category, along with a few other psychological thrillers that come to mind; including Cry Wolf, The Descent and When A Stranger Calls.

The movie follows the story of a group of FBI psychological profilers: people who are trained to essentially think like serial killers, to get inside their heads, so to speak, and try and establish a pattern and essentially where the next murder is going to take place. This group of rookie profilers is dropped off on a remote island for the weekend as part of a training exercise. The island is a top secret training facility used by the military, and features a whole mock town, complete with mannequins, to add to the realism. The brief they receive from their Mentor is to solve the supposed serial killer who is loose on the island.

Soon after arriving, they find the first “body”, but a horrible accident at the crime scene leaves the leader of the team, dead. Returning to the headquarters they find a watch, set to the time of the horrible death. Beginning to piece the pieces together, the group decide to head out to the only boat on the island, only to find that it has been booby-trapped and explodes when they approach it. Now, the group is stuck on the island with a serial killer on the loose. Paranoia and cabin fever begin to set in, as each person starts to suspect one another. And worse, the group is slowly being picked off, one by one is horrible meticulously planned deaths…

The acting in the movie is very well done, considering that there are no big name actors or actresses in it. The characters, and especially their portrayal by said actors, is believable and one really gets a feel for each character and cringes at their deaths. Incidentally, each character’s death is somehow related to some character flaw that they suffer from, in much the same way that Saw or Se7en handled the ritualistic deaths of the minor characters.

This movie had me on the edge of my seat from start to finish, and kept me guessing as to who the killer was right until the end (and yes I did get it wrong, big surprise there). Well written and acted, this movie is highly recommended for fans of the psychological thriller genre, and for those who prefer a “smarter” thriller movie than the cliché axe murder crashing through the window.




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