Resident Evil: Extinction

20 10 2007

Resident Evil Extinction Poster

Resident Evil: Extinction is the third and final movie in the Resident Evil trilogy. This film takes a departure from the previous two, in that is it set in the wide open desert as opposed to the claustrophobic Raccoon City that was host to the first two movies: Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse. This gives a movie a lot more epic feel, as the wide open spaces convey a larger scale of the action. That is not to say that the claustrophobia that was present in the first two movies is totally gone, as a large number of scenes take place in abandoned buildings and secret labs.

The basic storyline for Extinction is as follows: It is five years after the events of Apocalypse and the T-Virus has escaped from Raccoon City, despite the Umbrella Corporation’s best efforts to contain it therein. The virus has spread across the world and has essentially destroyed the planet, with lakes drying up, plants dying, and all but a handful of survivors being turned into mindless, flesh hungry zombies. There is however, a small group of survivors who have managed to escape infection, and they have banded together in a convoy to increase their chance of survival. Keeping on the move, never staying in one place for too long, they have managed to keep alive, but their supplies are rapidly running; especially food and petrol.

Alice, the protagonist from the first two movies, is also back, and she joins up with the convoy when her own vehicle is destroyed. For the past five years, she has been isolated, due to the fact that the umbrella corporation would have been able to control her if they knew where she was. Thus, by living “off the grid”, she was not a threat to the convoy. However, with no vehicle, her options are limited and she is forced to join the convoy.

Overall, the movie was actually pretty good. The scares were fairly predictable, but there were a good few moments that had the cinema jumping and screaming. The eeriest scene in the movie was probably the crow scene, where thousands of crows become contaminated by eating the flesh of T-Virus infected zombies and become murderous and carnivorous themselves. Very unsettling, and yet at the same time, extremely well done.

Which brings me to another point: the CGI used in the movie. This was also extremely well done, especially when large numbers of CGI graphics were needed, for example the crows mentioned above. Another example is the long shots of the the entrance to the Umbrella underground base, with tens of thousands of zombies swarming around the perimeter fence, attempting to get inside. Finally, the dogs used in a specific scene were also very well done. The makeup / CGI effects that were used to transform a few Alsatians and Rottweilers into murderous, carnivorous zombie canines from hell are truly remarkable.

However, this movie is far from perfect. One major issue I have is that the aforementioned tens of thousands of zombies cannot get past a simple chain link fence. Surely the sheer mass of zombies would be sufficient to push it over, or pull it down or something? I mean, the fence is not even electrified for crying out loud. “Oh yes we’re a multi-billion dollar evil corporation with hundreds of huge, elaborate bases throughout the world, but no, we refuse to spring the extra few dollars to electrify the fences”. That being said however, there are far worse movies than this one currently showing, and provisionally, I would say that this is the top movie released this week. I say provisionally because I have not seen any of the other movies, however, there was nothing else good released this weekend, so I feel pretty confident in that assessment.




2 responses

5 11 2007

Great Review. You are right on. I too turned to my buddies after the show and said -“That chain link fence was zombie proof I guess?”
There are other plot holes too.
Did you think Vegas felt a little small to you?

Thanks again for the review.
Also you said that this was the final movie -Where did you read that?
I thought with all the video games as source materials that they could have several direct to DVD movies without Alice.

5 11 2007

According to the Wikipedia Article, the director said “As far as I’m aware, this is indeed supposed to close the book.”, meaning that the trilogy is over. Although I’m sure I remember reading somewhere that they are going to make another movie, totally CGI, which may be direct to DVD. Can’t remember where though.

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